10 years for Proud Boy who smashed Capitol window at outset of Jan 6 riot

Dominic Pezzola, a member of the right-wing Proud Boys gang who smashed a window during the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill, was today sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Nicknamed "Spazzolini," reportedly, his break-in facilitated the first wave of entries, and featured prominently in footage of the incident.

"The reality is you were the one who did it," District Judge Timothy Kelly said during the hearing Friday. "You were the one who smashed that window in and let people begin to stream into the Capitol building and threaten the lives of our lawmakers. It is not something I would have ever dreamed I'd see in our country."

"You were really, in some ways, the tip of the spear," the judge said.

The judge told him he hoped he'd "turned a corner." In response–though not until the judge had left the courtroom–Pezzola raised his fist and shouted "Trump won!"

The last word on Pezzola's shenanigans, though, goes to his wife, Lisa: "He's a fucking idiot."