Spectrolite is a Mac app for making risograph files from your designs

Spectrolite is a MacOS app for making risograph prints and zines. You feed it your designs, describe your inks and such, and it previews and generates color separations and halftones for the machine.

Spectrolite made by ANEMONE (Amelia Greenhall and Adam Greenhall) and collaborators. We started making it as a tool for our own printshop, and made it available as a tool for other artists and writers and printmakers too. It's free to download and use. What does it do?

In the Canvas, the main page of the app, you can "RISO-ify" a colorful image into the one-file-per-ink greyscale files the riso needs. This is also known as color separation… although in Spectrolite RISO-ifying is more than just that. Your artwork can also be styled more: you can add a halftone!

I always wanted a Risograph but could tell a mile off what a maintenace/repair/time hole it would become. This delightful-looking app is bringing that enticing whisper back as a loud, barking exhortation.