Fraudulent pastor reassures Tucker Carlson — Trump under the protection of the best guardian angels

Last week, the disgraced former Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson, made a baseless claim that the United States was planning to assassinate Donald Trump.

"If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, then you go to indictment and none of them work," he said on Adam Carolla's podcast. "What's next? Graph it out, man. We're speeding towards assassination, obviously. … They have decided — permanent Washington, both parties have decided — that there's something about Trump that's so threatening to them, they just can't have him."

This week, Shane Vaughn, a fraudulent MAGA pastor, told Tucker Carlson not to worry — God's best guardian angels are protecting Trump from assassination.

Vaughn, who served three years in prison for "stealing a 2-year-old's identity to defraud a life insurance company" and "swiping $20,000 from an annuity he sold to a person that didn't exist," according to WAFB, said in a recorded video that the "Super Secret Service: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, every one of the angels that have been assigned to protect God's man."

So, don't worry, Tucker! Pastor Vaughn seems like a man you can trust.