David Attenborough-style videos feature "garden gremlins" stealing garden snacks

These David Attenborough-style videos from "Lu-Seal Manor" are just terrific. I've watched a few over and over, because they're so well done, and the dogs featured in them are just ridiculously cute. Lu-Seal Manor features a handful of small to medium sized dogs that all seem to be various iterations of Chihuahua mixes who live together in a house that has a sizable garden. The videos provide insight into the daily shenanigans of the doggos, with an Attenborough flair.

This one, for example, features the dogs in the garden munching on green beans. The narration begins: "Under the canopy of the green bean jungle, the garden gremlins are enjoying a tasty snack." Here's another one where the "garden gremlins" are feasting on blackberries, and another where the narrator explains that the garden gremlins are also called "Hey, Stop It" garden pests.

If you need a laugh, check out these and other videos on Lu-Seal Manor's Instagram or Facebook.