Pennsylvania man shoos bear away as if it's a dog — and somehow survives with only a deep scratch (video)

I'm not sure what is more amazing — that a Pennsylvania man thought it was a good idea to order a black bear off his property as if the wild creature was a neighborhood dog, or that the bear didn't just kill the man. But either way, the gentleman's life was miraculously spared, with only a deep red bear scratch to show for his shenanigans, as he walked just inches behind the bear, shooing it away.

"C'mon, Mike!" said a nervous bystander in the background, to which Mike responded, "It's all right, I got it." (See video below, posted by barstoolphilly.)

He then proceeded to escort the bear across his yard, and the bear seemed to cooperate — at first. But when the man opened a small gate to let it out, the bear had other ideas, facing him off and then swiping at the man's torso.

"No!" Mike shouted, commanding the bear to leave by pointing at the street while his friends warned him to put his arm down. Fortunately, this time at least, the bear finally listened, lumbering out of the yard and over to the less bossy garbage bins across the street.

Via Field & Stream
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