Watch Eddie Vedder and Jeanne Tripplehorn perform The Rolling Stones' "Shattered," with a twist

This is an absolutely terrific (and hilarious) cover of "Shattered" (by The Rolling Stones off their 1978 album Some Girls) performed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Criminal Minds actor Jeanne Tripplehorn. It's not just any cover though—Tripplehorn sings the entire thing in the voice of Julie Andrews. You should definitely take a break and go watch.

In 2013, Spin wrote about the performance:

Something you may not know about Criminal Minds star Jeanne Tripplehorn: In the words of Pearl Jam main man Eddie Vedder, "She has this incredible ability to sing any Rolling Stones song as Julie Andrews." It's true, and you can witness this feat above, as Vedder and Tripplehorn (Basic Instinct, The Firm, Big Love) cover "Shattered," from 1978's Some Girls. Therein, he plays the Keith Richards to her Mick Jagger (as Andrews), and the results are as charming as they are fun. The footage comes from a fundraiser for Heal EB, a nonprofit dedicated to funding a cure/raising awareness for the life-threatening skin condition epidermolysis bullosa. Pearl Jam, of course, are celebrating the release of Lightning Bolt.