Cookie, Sophus, and Sica are three dogs who joined the Danish Chamber Orchestra to perform Mozart's "Hunting Symphony"

This video is awesome—it features three dogs (Cookie, Sophus and Sica) who were specifically chosen for their barking skills to join the Danish Chamber Orchestra at the recent Haydn festival, for a performance of Mozart's "Hunting Symphony."

BBC provides more information:

Footage of the rehearsal shows three dogs participating in the performance of the Hunting Symphony, a little-known piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father, Leopold. 

Chief conductor Adam Fischer – who auditioned dozens of dogs for the role – said he was honouring the composer's wish that a part of the symphony should be accompanied by baying hounds.

The three canine stars went through months of training to be able to bark on command and to be quiet when necessary. I feel like more concerts need animals, please!