Iowa: Trump receives a universally understood finger gesture

Some football fans at a big Iowa football game were unhappy to see criminally indicted Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump. Using a popular gesture, they made their feelings clear. I find it hard to disagree.

Trump is campaigning in Iowa, while out on bail, hoping to stomp his mewing field of Republican opponents. As baffling as it seems, a guy on trial for failing to steal the last election and inciting an insurrection remains the GOP favorite.


Several college football fans flipped the bird to former President Donald Trump as he waved to a crowd from a private suite at the Iowa vs. Iowa State game on Saturday.

Trump, who received a sea of cheers during a visit to a fraternity house before the game, got the one-finger salute from a number of fans as he and other GOP presidential candidates were on hand to check out the state's intense college football rivalry.

Can't wait to see how DeSantis embarrassed himself.