Actor Will Keenan assaulted for wearing an N95 mask in public

Actor, producer, director, and writer Will Keenan was attacked last week for wearing an N95 mask to help prevent himself from catching and spreading COVID-19, according to a recent post on X by Fangoria

The GoFundMe that was created by Debbie Rochon to help raise money for Keenan's hospital bills provides more information about the assault:

On Sunday, September 3rd 2023, Will Keenan was assaulted from behind with a ligature and suffered severe eye trauma. After extensive surgery he has been permanently disabled with left eye blindness due to large retinal detachment when Will was assaulted – for wearing a mask.

Will was pretty much the only person on the Jersey Cape who consistently wore a certified N95 mask during the whole pandemic, and to this day, because he believes it helped protect his 2 yr old daughter (and only child). This was his sole interest and concern; protecting his daughter. For this, his sight in one eye has been taken.

For the last 7 years Will has helped many people and families through his non-profit organization, St. Babs Church, that he founded in honor of his mother. Let's give back and help Will now in his time of need!

Will has been saddled with multiple medical bills and the inability to make a living for this time while he recovers and puts his life back together.

Most know Will for his cult movies like Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer, Chop, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, to name a few. His most prized production is of course his two year old daughter.

For all my fellow maskers: Please stay safe out there!