Irish tourist climbs Belgian statue. A chunk fell off.

Another statue-wrecking tourist has struck, this time in Belgium. An Irish sightseer attempted to climb a handsome Victorian-era lion-handler outside the stock exchange in Brussels, causing a chunk to fall off. He "was arrested and the building's management has called for him to cover the cost of repairs," reports the BBC.

An Irish tourist has broken a statue out the front of an iconic building in Brussels one day after it reopened to the public following a three-year $150 million restoration. The man was allegedly intoxicated and was filmed trying to ride the lion statue, which also features a man with a torch, at the Brussels Stock Exchange in Belgium. There are two of the statues located on either side of the entrance to the building and they were also restored as part of the project.

The $150m renovation nothwithstanding, media report $29k in damages—not quite a Michelangelo here, but not a bill you want to fly back to Dublin with in your pocket.