Woman kicked off American Airlines flight is outraged, says she is "Instagram famous" (video)

An American Airlines passenger was kicked off a recent flight for allegedly arguing with other passengers, but she made it clear her behavior was warranted since she's a special influencer while everyone else is a "bum."

The social media climber can be seen on video telling people to "shut the fuck up" while she gathers her belongings. But when she notices someone recording her, she takes a split-second to pose, saying, "Film me. I'm Instagram famous," before adding, "you fucking bum." (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

The footage was caught by another passenger and shows only 20 seconds of the incident, so it's not clear what provoked the unhappy "celebrity." But perhaps her anger stemmed from the fact that nobody bowed down to the entitled star, even laughing at her as she walked toward the plane's exit. That's gotta smart.

Since the video went viral, however, the Instagrammer's ID has been revealed as Morgan Osman. According to Yahoo!, she has nearly 1 million followers and made her big break on the 5th season of Bad Girls Club: Miami. Now that we all have this piece of the puzzle, maybe American Airlines will allow her be surly the next time she flies.

Front page thumbnail image: Markus Mainka / shutterstock.com