A parody of that Jason Aldean song but with things you might actually see in a small town

Here is a parody of the controversial song with a super racist video by Jason Aldean. Aldean became known for filming a country video outside the Maury County Courthouse, where a black teenager was lynched in 1927. Aldean claimed this was not racist, and simply indicative of something that made no sense except as racism.

This parody shows things you are likelier to find in small-town America than Jason Aldean's imagination. The picture is still not pretty.

Crooks and Liars:

Ginger Billy has made this parody of Jason Aldean's song. Frankly, the parody is closer to the truth, if you ask me. Everything from the drunken fights to the scam artists. The only thing missing was the tavern on every other corner. And, since I'm at it, those trucks are way too nice. The should be rustbuckets where the only thing that works well is the stereo.