Donald Trump wrote to-do lists on classified docs, according to former aide

When Donald Trump wasn't using classified docs as toilet paper, he was using them as scratch pads, according to his long-time assistant Molly Michael via ABC News.

Michael says the four-times indicted former president used to hand her to-do lists on the back of notecards that were marked as "classified," which the FBI missed when collecting the many boxes of classified docs that Trump was hoarding at Mar-a-Lago. The former aide said she found the classified notecards a day later, "underneath a drawer organizer," which she turned into the FBI.

From ABC News:

As described to ABC News, the aide, Molly Michael, told investigators that — more than once — she received requests or taskings from Trump that were written on the back of notecards, and she later recognized those notecards as sensitive White House materials — with visible classification markings — used to brief Trump while he was still in office about phone calls with foreign leaders or other international-related matters. …

The next day, after the FBI search, Michael returned to work at Mar-a-Lago and found her desk in a bit of a mess, with drawers turned over, sources said. Buried underneath a drawer organizer were the to-do lists Trump had written for her on the backs of briefing notes with classification markings, Michael later recalled to investigators, according to sources.

When Michael discovered that the FBI hadn't taken those documents in their search of Mar-a-Lago, she helped make sure they were given to the FBI that same day, the sources told ABC News. ..

It's unclear if Michael notified Trump or others at Mar-a-Lago about her discovery, or if any of those notecards from White House briefings are among the 32 different classified documents that Trump is charged with unlawfully retaining.

Naturally, a Trump spokesperson referred to Michael's statements as "illegal leaks" that lack "proper context and relevant information," and that the MAGA cult leader did nothing wrong.