Sound of Freedom's real-life "hero" accused of sexual misconduct by 7 women

Tim Ballard, the anti-child slavery activist who founded Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), has resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Ballard, a previous adviser to the Trump administration on child sexual trafficking, was also the inspiration for the lead character in the movie, Sound of Freedom.

Vice reported that at least seven women have accused the QAnon hero of sexual misconduct. Allegations involve Ballard coercing female staff and volunteers into sharing his bed or joining him in the shower under the pretext of fooling traffickers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) condemned Ballard for using the name of Mormon church president, M Russell Ballard, to promote personal and financial interests.

From Insider:

Ballard was the inspiration behind the Homeland Security agent in "Sound of Freedom" who saves children from sex trafficking.

Described as a "Christian thriller," the movie was criticized for fueling conspiracy theories and misrepresenting the issue of sex trafficking. The movie's star, Jim Caviezel, is also a QAnon supporter who has pushed the theory that the global elite harvest adrenaline from children.

Ballard has also appeared sympathetic to QAnon-style conspiracy theories about child-harvesting, which he discussed during an interview with Jordan Peterson in July.