Sweet stray dog follows bikers for "miles and miles" over 4 days, which turn into weeks (video)

A couple, Maggie Jo and her partner Maeve, were bicycling through Montenegro while documenting their trip on TikTok when a stray dog decided to adopt them.

For four days the dog followed them "for miles and miles and miles," and even though they kept on riding and even losing the dog many times, the determined pup always managed to catch up and find them again. Weeks later, after dealing with the doggo's health issues, such as parasites and a pregnancy, they returned to the United States as proud dog parents, naming her Monte.

Monte's story starts in the middle of their trip, on July 24 (see video below), but if you like this one, go to _maggiejo_ _ to watch the rest of the heartwarming "series."


So we fell in love with a stray dog… We call her Monte and she loves pets. We thought it was crazy when she stayed with us for a couple miles, but as the miles add up, we can't believe she is still with us. We have tried many times to lose her, but every time we think she fell behind she shows up. She's full of fleas and ticks, but all she's wants is love and maybe a little bit of our snacks ;)

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Via Newsweek
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