MAGA woman at Trump rally: "I'm coming here hoping I can get my surgery done" (video)

A MAGA gentlewoman was interviewed at a stadium where Trump is scheduled to appear, and she told the reporter that she hoped Trump will see to it that her back surgery is covered by the federal government.

The interviewer asked her, "What has Trump, under his policies, how did it benefit your life? Are you working? Retired?"

"I'm disabled, I have a broken plate in my back," responded the MAGA gentlewoman "And it really bummed me because during COVID, I was supposed to get my third surgery and have it fixed. And when the doctor, a very big specialist went to fix it, he said, "Where's your Medicaid?" So what do you mean, "where's my Medicaid?" Well, they took by Medicaid. So I'm coming up here hoping I can get my surgery done."

I hope her wish is granted.