I am thrilled with these cheap LED headlights

For less than $40, these LED headlights have dramatically improved my nighttime visibility when driving. The plug-and-play swap took less than fifteen minutes.

I've hated the stock Sylvania halogen bulbs that came with my car for years. When I bought it used, several years ago, LEDs weren't getting great reviews and cost a lot more. Given a few years, the tech has come down in cost and gone way up in utility! The bulb beam patterns now work just fine with the old halogen housings. The cool, white light of the LEDs is far preferable to the yellow of the halogen.


The LEDs seem to have plenty of cooling, keep the electronics away from the heat, and create zero issues with the CANBUS system when plugged in. Installation was a matter of plugging them in. Aiming modern headlights is also a joy compared to the sealed beams of yesteryear, and I was done super quick.

My car needs H13 bulbs. Make sure you get the right size for your vehicle. Amazon's parts checker hasn't let me down yet.

SEALIGHT H13 9008 LED Bulbs 600% Brighter Dual Beam LED Bulbs high low beam led bulb Hi/lo 6000K Eye-Protection White, Quick Installation Halogen Replacement, Pack of 2 via Amazon