Megyn Kelly is a "nasty woman" says nasty groper Donald Trump (video)

Donald Trump blasted Megyn Kelly as a "nasty woman" a week after her friendly, flattery-laced interview on SiriusXM. No matter that she repeatedly complimented him, even telling him he had "good genes" and that he handled her 2015 debate question — about his labeling women as fat pigs — very well.

"Boy, she became nastier all of a sudden," said the thin-skinned MAGA leader who was apparently smarting over her question about the classified documents he hoarded in his Mar-a-Lago bathroom. "She was pretty nasty, didn't you think?" (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)

But the recycled term "nasty," which he first used on Hillary Clinton in 2016, loses all meaning coming from a four-time indicted former president found liable for sexual abuse who taps waitresses on the back so that he can sign her breast.

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