San Diego boldly moved to rid popular beach of a horrible and dangerous invasive species to protect native sea lions

San Diego, California's stunning La Jolla Beach is a popular destination because of its beauty and huge sea lion population. The sea lions, who breed and nurse on the beach, are in danger though. To save them, the San Diego City Council has unanimously voted to rid the sea lions' natural habitat of the dangerous invasive species threatening them: For the next seven years, humans aren't permitted on the beach.


Viral videos have captured visitors invading the sea lions' personal space and taking selfies. The public will still be able to see the sea lions from behind barriers, and an ocean access point will still be available.

The Sierra Club supports the amendment and told SFGATE that since the seasonal closure started last year, marine bird populations have increased, the natural plant life is recovering and there has been less trampling and erosion undermining the cliffside.

Predictably, a few vocal specimen of the invasive species aren't pleased.

"What makes this such a special place is that this is the only sea lion rookery on the California mainland. And even more importantly, it is in an urban environment accessible to thousands of visitors annually," Sierra Club chapter director Richard Miller told SFGATE. "The year-round closure will keep the public and sea lions at safe distances to protect both people and the animals while giving the public the opportunity to observe nature close-up."