Scrappy Cooking transforms "common food scraps" into "magic"

Carleigh Bodrug has been doing her part to combat household food waste by using social media to share recipes in a series she calls "Scrappy Cooking." In the videos, she says she's taking "commonly wasted foods" and "common food scraps" and transforming them "into magic." 

She demonstrates how to make zucchini fries from about-to-be-discarded zucchini, dill pickle chips using leftover pickle juice, tea from pineapple skins, vegan chicken broth from corn cobs, beet root powdervinegar from strawberry tops, and much more.

Live Kindly recently published an interview with Bodrug, where she describes her goals for "Scrappy Cooking":

Bodrug: I hope it gets people thinking while they're at the grocery store each week: "Okay, I'm buying this, but what am I going to use it for?" One of my biggest food-waste-reducing tips is to go to the grocery store each week with a meal plan. It doesn't have to be something fancy—just a piece of paper, with what you're having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's really going to go a long way in reducing food waste, because so many of us go into the grocery store blind. We're just picking up things, and then they wilt in our fridge, and end up in the waste. 

Bodrug also shares non-scraps-based cooking through her website PlantYou, which she started in 2016 to share "approachable and delicious recipes" that helped her transition into a plant-based lifestyle. 

You can see Bodrug's recipes at her PlantYou website, her TikTok, her Instagram, and her YouTube channel.