Ray Ban's Meta glasses

Ray Ban's newest smart glasses are far more wearable than some designs (remember Google Glass?) and are perhaps a millimeter in each direction away from being not obviously smart glasses. At $299, they're no more expensive than everday smartwatches or low-end phones.

Capture life's best moments and livestream to Instagram and Facebook. Now with a 12 MP camera and five-mic system. Stay connected with hands-free calls and messages and listen to your favorite tracks through built-in speakers. Spark your creativity, get information and control features by voice with Meta AI. All while keeping your phone in your pocket.

The "Meta" branding makes clear where it's for. I like the anxiety around privacy issues—"the Capture LED lets others know when you're capturing content or going live. If the LED is covered, you'll be notified to clear it"—when much of the appeal of these is that they're live-streaming cameras with the same field of vision as the wearer's eyes. Water boiling? Notify the lobsters!