Weird things to buy online

Hillel Wayne writes about Ten weird things you can buy online (and why you would), from animatronic sharks to live bees: "If you're in the market for nightmares, they also sell animatronic people."

Human Milk

Merchant or Market: Market

Where: BreastfeedingMomsUnite

What: Breast milk, usually around $1-2/oz

Why: From the site:

This breast milk market will be of help to women who need to breastfeed their babies but cannot produce enough breast milk. Hence mothers who are willing to donate can help others who are having reduced supply of breast milk.

The government majorly regulates the trade of body fluids and organs (tissues, semen, blood, livers, and kidneys…), but not breast milk, thus donating, buying or selling breast milk is 100% legal.

(Yes there are creeps on the site too, but their ads are taken down p. quickly)

I really like how this is the perfect example of how marketplaces develop. Some women overproduce milk, some underproduce it, there's an inefficiency in allocation, therefore market!

Now you know about and some part of you will always remember that it is there.