Qultists believe the Emergency Alert test will finally usher in the New World Order… for real this time

If you haven't already heard, consider this your warning that there'll be a nationwide emergency alert test conducted by FEMA on October 4 at 2:20 PM ET. Your phone, provided you're in the US, is going to play a loud sound for about a minute and that'll be the end of it- or so you'd think. Given that FEMA, according to the rabid Trump cult that's risen to worrying prominence, are the Satanic architects of the Deep State or what have you, hardcore QAnon cultists have a different theory: that this signal will activate COVID vaccines in people all across the country and turn them into 'zombies'.

Takes like this have been popping over both standard social media sites like X (formerly Twitter) and more strictly Q-dedicated ones, indicating that October 4th is the next "big date" in a long, long line of other big dates on which absolutely nothing has happened. Still, on the off chance that they're finally right for the first time, being a zombie doesn't sound too bad- I'll see you all at the brain buffet.