Marjorie Taylor Greene keeps beating her "Trump for Speaker" drum

Georgia's angriest peach, Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene is singing out-on-bail Trump's praises and literally begging for disaster. Greene thinks Trump becoming the stand-in speaker is some kind of fantastic notion that'd make going to work that much more fun, for her.

While Trump does embody the Department of Motor Vehicles' perfect AI customer service person, there is no other government job, or elected position he is fit for. It is hilarious to think of Mr. Art of the Deal trying to negotiate anything with his clown car full of a Republican conference. Greene has also suggested replacing the current Speaker Pro Tempore with Trump and letting Trump run the house through its selection process. The problem is, Trump can not even do that.

Greene is just whipping up her base while campaigning for Vice-President, but if something like this happens it'll be a disaster.