Touron who thought it was a good idea to try and pet a grizzly bear gets swiped — not once but twice (video)

And yet another example of humans forgetting their place on the planet. This time, a group of chuckling tourons were stopped on a country road right next to a mama and baby bear with a window rolled down, as if they were enjoying a live performance at Disneyland.

And when the cub approached them, they screamed and laughed, but did not think to roll the window up, or better yet, drive on down the road — even after the bear swiped at them. In fact, the bear-swipe prompted one of the passengers to reach out to the cub, who did not take kindly to the gesture, swiping for a second time.

In the end, the oblivious looky-loos most likely left with their bodies still intact, as their video (see below) made it onto the TouronsofNationalParks Instagram site.

(And unfortunately, if anyone was injured, you can bet someone is out looking to euthanize the bears.)

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