Brave pastor shocks MAGA audience by admitting God's greatness exceeds Trump's

It must have been difficult for this pastor who gave the opening prayer at Trump's rally in New Hampshire yesterday to admit to the audience that God is greater than Trump.

Trump and his worshippers will probably call for the pastor's head on a stick for uttering such vile blasphemy, but the pastor bravely took a stand.

Here's the video of the pastor comparing Trump to God and reluctantly conceding that Trump comes in a close second.

"Let's pray," began the pastor. "Our merciful Heavenly Father. We come here today to hear the words of a man who has done great things. A man we love and respect, a man dedicated to making America great again. A man we hope will be restored to the presidency. And yet, great as his accomplishments are right now, we all have the privilege of talking to you, our Father. And we know that even President Trump would agree that your greatness, not only in deeds but in your very essence, is higher than his and above any man's.

What's next Pastor? Will you say something outrageous like "Jesus is more popular than Trump?"