Ten new criminal charges for fraudster George Santos

In May, New York congressperson of ill-repute George Santos pleaded innocent to 13 criminal charges. Today, the Department of Justice has announced ten more criminal charges, bringing the running total to 23. Accused of lying to the Federal Elections Committee and House oversight committees, the new charges build on the initial case and allege credit card fraud with donor accounts.


The new indictment alleges that he charged more than $44,000 to his campaign over a period of months using credit cards belonging to contributors who were unaware they were being defrauded.

On one occasion he charged $12,000 to a contributor's credit card, ultimately transferring the vast majority of that money into his personal bank account, the charging document says.

These indictments come on the heels of Santos' former campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks, pleading guilty to conspiracy and cooperating with the DOJ. With Marks spilling the brands Santos is certainly fighting an uphill battle.