Trump idolizes Al Capone in lament over multiple indictments

I am not sure this is the flex real estate fraud and out-on-bail insurrection planner Donald Trump thinks it is, but the former President wants you to know he's been indicted more times than America's most famous mob boss, Al Capone. Go team!

Trump, who apparently holds an MBA from the Capone School of Business and Ethics, reminds folks about who Capone was and compares his list of indictments. Trump also explains that he's committing this crime for "you." I am pretty sure the MAGA hat-wearing samaritans everywhere will repeat this story as "more crime than public enemy number one!" is a badge of honor. Trump is offering his adherents a way to talk around the fact he is a criminal and an insurrectionist.

Crooks and Liars:

"Every time the radical left Democrats, Marxists, communists and fascists indict me, I consider it a great badge of honor because I am being indicted for you," Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire. "I got indicted more than the great legendary Alphonse Capone. Has anyone ever heard of him? You ever heard — you're too young to know about Al Capone."

"If you looked at him the wrong way, he would kill you, okay," he continued. "This was a seriously tough mobster. He was the, I guess you'd call him the king of the mobsters, right? Al Capone only got indicted once. I got indicted four times in mine."