Watch these adorable (and hilarious) dogs being groomed

There's something really soothing and satisfying about watching dog grooming videos, and I think "Dogs by Logan" creates some of the best. The social media accounts featuring the videos—and dog grooming business featured in them—are run by Logan Rago, who has mastered both grooming and sharing his work (and the adorable dogs he grooms).

Rago, who recently moved from Schaumburg, Illinois, to San Diego, was interviewed in May 2023 for the "VIG Spotlight" on the Groomer's Choice website. Here's a portion of the interview where Rago describes how he got into dog grooming and into grooming-related social media content creation:

GC: Tell us your grooming story.

LR: My name is Logan Rago aka DogsByLogan on social media! Like a lot of animal lovers, I've known I wanted to work with animals since I was very young. 

When I was 12, I started my own dog walking business. I even created my own posters for it and everything (made with markers and glitter pens). I wanted to get a job as soon as I could, so at 14 I started work at Yuppie Puppie in Roselle, Illinois. For two years, I was a bather – learning all the fun and plentiful information about dogs, their behaviors and how to scrub like there's no tomorrow so we have a clean, fresh, sparkly puppy ready for their haircut. I was also slowly and surely brought into learning how to use more equipment to be a dog groomer myself. 

I wanted to document my journey and see my progress, so I started posting on social media, and my content blew up. I have been posting on TikTok and YouTube for a year and have more than 2.9 million followers combined. Every day I get to showcase my grooms and my growth, and I could not be more thankful for all the support I have received. I am beyond excited for the future of dog grooming and what it holds for many young groomers like myself.

If you like dogs, you should definitely check out Dogs by Logan's TikTok or Instagram. Here are some of my favorite dogs he's groomed:

Lulu, an older Poodle-Pomeranian mix who gets a haircut and looks like a puppy again.

Ollie, a Pomeranian who was so relaxed he fell asleep on the table.

Princeton, a Yorkie who can't put "that" away.

Holly, a Pomeranian who doesn't know how to be held, and paddles her feet when she's in the air.

Finally, I think my favorite is Louie, a mixed doggo who also doesn't know how to be held, and instead of curling up, sticks all of his legs straight out as if he doesn't have joints. Hilarious.