Egypt warned Israel it was about to be attacked

Israel was warned by Egypt of Hamas's planned terror attacks days before they happened, reports the BBC, quoting House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee head Michael McCaul (R-Texas). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denies the claim.

"We know that Egypt has warned the Israelis three days prior that an event like this could happen," Mr McCaul told reporters following a closed-door intelligence briefing on Wednesday for lawmakers about the Middle East crisis, according to AFP news agency.

"I don't want to get too much into classified, but a warning was given," the Texas Republican added. "I think the question was at what level."

It feeds conspiracy theories that Netanyahu allowed it to happen, thinking it would be on a smaller scale. The truth is that he's a "hapless" buffoon and was distracted by his own priorities. Like Haaretz, you can blame him outright for the mess without accusing him of being the chef.