Republicans refuse to back Jordan but he wants a floor vote anyway

Unlike the last guy who won the Republican conference majority but couldn't muster enough actual votes to become the Speaker of the House, Ohio's reviled Jim Jordan is willing to accept the humiliation. Perhaps he feels left out and would like to look like a bigger fool than Kevin McCarthy, who took the House through fifteen floor-votes before temporarily holding the office.

Aside from the most well-known thing about Jim Jordan being his enabling of the sexual abuse of athletes in his care as an assistant coach at Ohio State, he has some dubious support. The gerrymandered into Congress for life extremist boasts the support of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald J. Trump. One a known wacko, the other a known wacko. Also, self-identified adulterer Nancy Mace seems to be on his side.


Jordan then called a second vote asking members if they would support him on the floor, in an effort to see if that shrinks his opposition. That vote, which was cast by secret ballot was 152-55. Jordan or any other Republican speaker candidate can only afford to lose four GOP votes when the full House votes for speaker if all members are voting.

On his way into an earlier House GOP conference meeting Friday morning, Jordan told CNN's Manu Raju that he thinks he will be able to get the 217 votes needed to win the gavel, but refused to say if he would drop out if he can't get there by the end of the day.

"I think we'll get 217 votes," Jordan said. "I think we'll get 217 votes – that's the quickest way to get unified and get to the floor."

Get ready for public humiliation!