Watch Jared Leto doing his makeup to match Tika the "fashionista Italian greyhound"

I recently wrote about Tika, the fabulous "fashionista Italian greyhound" who lives in Montreal with her humans, Katherine and Thomas Shapiro. At the risk of oversharing fantastically snouted creatures (is that even possible?), you'll forgive me, I hope, for bringing you this adorable video of actor and musician Jared Leto–who fronts the alt-rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars—holding a beautifully-dressed Tika while he applies matching blue eyeshadow.

They both look gorgeous, of course. And it's just so cute watching Leto talk so sweetly to Tika. I'd totally watch a reality tv show starring those two!

If you want more Tika content, check out her website or Instagram. And for more Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds to Mars—who have a new album out, It's the End of the World But It's a Beautiful Day—check out his Instagram or the band's website.


Adding makeup artist to my résumé; you look magnifique @jaredleto! Bisou! 🩵 #tikatheiggy #italiangreyhound #hotmessmakeup

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