DeSantis spent $1.5m on private flights while his campaign struggles for money

Alleged presidential candidate Ron DeSantis's polling looks bleak, and his campaign is laying off staff and running out of money. That didn't stop him racking up $1.5m in costs jetting around the U.S. in his futile bid for the White House.

DeSantis, who is considered Donald Trump's main rival in the GOP primary, but massively trails the former president in the polls, was found to have forked out vast sums on private travel as his campaign spent almost as much as it brought in, according to third-quarter financial filings on Sunday.

As noted by Politico, while DeSantis' campaign did travel on commercial flights, it also spent $1.5 million on private jets during the last quarter. The campaign paid the sum to at least six private jets providers: Advanced Aviation Team and Avion Aviation, Empyreal Jet, IsraJets, N2024D LLC, and Silver Air Private Jets. The Washington Post reported that most of the private plane flights stopped in July and August, with only an Israjets charge showing up in September.

My generous take on Ron DeSantis is that his big mistake was turning his campaign and his public image over to the stupid groypers involved in it. But that he would make that mistake in the first place (and be obviously unable to get past it) are all reminders that Ron DeSantis is a weird guy and never stood a chance once people saw him in motion.