Man arrested for faking heart attack to avoid his dinner bill at more than 20 restaurants

Police in Spain's Blanca region arrested a gentleman who became infamous at local restaurants for eating a fancy dinner and then feigning a heart attack to avoid paying his bill. According to police, the unnamed Lithuanian gentleman, aged 50, has conned more than 20 restaurants out of a free meal.

From Oddity Central:

Last month, the Lithuanian man was at El Buen Comer, a restaurant in Alicante, enjoying some seafood paella and a few shots of whisky when the staff brought him the bill for 34.85 euros ($37). When the waiter left the table, he just got up and tried to leave, but he was stopped and notified that he still had to cover the bill. Visibly upset, the scammer said he was going to get the money from his hotel room, but the staff didn't let him leave. It was at this point that he started faking a heart attack.

The restaurant staff didn't fall for the theatrical performance, and instead of calling an ambulance, they notified the police. When the officers arrived at the scene, the seemingly ill man called for medical assistance, but what he didn't realize was that the policemen had already recognized him from run-ins at other restaurants in Alicante.

Curiously, the fellow reportedly doesn't seem to mind occasionally getting nabbed and having to spend a night in jail for what's considered a minor infraction. Now though, restaurant proprietors are said to be filing a joint complaint that could result in much stiffer punishment.