Jordan Klepper stuns MAGA man into dumbfounded silence (video)

It's been six months since Jordan Klepper ventured into the labyrinth of confusion known as MAGAland, but last week he braved a Trump rally in New Hampshire to see if he any sense could be found. Sadly, this was not the case.

In fact, Klepper spoke to fanatics so lost in MAGA mania, they all but shut down when confronted with a morsel of logic. Such as the sharp gentleman sporting a Trump mugshot on his shirt who said, "Never surrender to the tyranny," only to literally freeze up for what seemed like an eternity when Klepper pointed out that Trump's portrait was taken when he surrendered.

Others doubled down on their commitment to crazy, such as the Trumper balancing a stacked pair of MAGA caps on his head, who ranted about the president and his "kid" who "should be in jail for treason! I mean, they're taking money from other countries…" But when Klepper nodded, and then clarified, asking, "So you think Trump should be punished for all of that money that Ivanka and Jared got?" the man was taken aback. "No!" he said with a look of horror. "No!!"

In the end, Klepper's quest was fruitless — not a shred of sense could be found. But it did make for a fascinating video (see below, posted by The Daily Show).