Kevin McCarthy once again tries toddler logic — the Democrats did it! (video)

After Jim Jordan's second humiliating loss, Kevin McCarthy hilariously continued to blame Democrats for the chaotic mess his party has made in Congress.

"There's no chance in the world that Democrats could ever say again that they put people before politics, because they made a political decision to try to bring chaos to shut down a branch of government, and that's wrong," he told CNN's Manu Raju after Jim Jordan failed again to win the House speaker vote. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

Somehow, it's the Democrats' fault that Republican Matt Gaetz hates him. It's the Democrats' fault that his own party ousted him from his speakership. It's the Democrats' fault that 20 Republicans did not vote for Gym Jordan yesterday. It's the Democrats' fault that even more Republicans — 22 to be exact — did not vote for Gym Jordan today. It's the Democrat's fault that, unlike their GOP counterparts, they have a sense of ethics that doesn't allow them to vote for an election denying, sex-abuse enabler.

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