Netflix previews Avatar: Last Airbender series

New shots from Netflix's tv show of Avatar: Last Airbender are on offer today.

I'm not a fan of show or its spin-offs, but reaction seems quite polarized online. I think the fandom is still traumatized by the dreadful M. Night Shyamalan movie and quite on-edge about this new effort. I have to note something about the look in these publicity shots: it's midjourney but by people. As in: it is humans, not using AI but imitating (intentionally or not) an AI aesthetic: the velvety saturation, depth-of-field as an act of terrorism, the way you have to look close to confirm it's film and not CG or high-end concept painting. I can't help but hunt for extra fingers, singed hair and irregular pupils.

Other preview shots have a more conventional appearance.

"Meet Fire Lord Ozai, General Iroh, Princess Azula and Commander Zhao in Avatar: The Last Airbender, coming in 2024," writes the company.