Newly-designated Harambe Memorial Bridge will soon receive an official name that doesn't honor the slain gorilla

There's a new pedestrian bridge under construction in Mauldlin, South Carolina that has been unofficially named the Harambe Memorial Bridge. It's unofficial because some random person simply named it that on Google Maps and, since then, local citizens have created a shrine to the gorilla at the construction site with "framed pictures, stuffed monkeys, flowers, candles and artwork – along with some unusual additions like a cigarette and a Pabst Blue Ribbon can," reports Fox Carolina. You may recall that Harambe was killed in 2016 at the Cincinnati Zoo by a worker after the ape picked up a child who had managed to climb into his enclosure. The incident caused deep heartache for the Zoo staff, Cincinnati residents, and all who learned of Harambe as the story spread and quickly became meme material.

The city will eventually give the bridge an official name. Apparently the staff recommendations include such boring names as Mauldin SkyWay, Mauldin Archway, Mauldin Highway Overpass, Mauldin Gateway Bridge, and Mauldin's Palmetto Pathway.

RIP, Harambe.

image: Google Maps

(Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)