Marjorie Taylor Greene has hissy fit as she bashes the already "broken GOP" (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene lashed out today, refusing to support a plan her fellow Republicans are floating to give Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry temporary power until January — and then she turned around and blamed the Democrats for the out-of-order GOP.

"I do not support this plan. Republican voters worked too hard to give us the majority for us to enter some sort of temporary speakership," she said, after even failed candidate Jim Jordan — who suspended his nomination on Thursday — agreed to said plan. "Our conference has a responsibility to the American people, to our districts, to work together and unify, and this conference is absolutely broken."

"And the reason why we're broken," she continued with a straight face, "is because Republicans worked with Democrats and put us here." So in Marge's world, in order to unify, nobody should work with the GOP plan, and nobody should work with the Democrats — and it's everybody's fault but hers that the GOP is in shambles. (See video below, posted by Republican Accountability.)

Front page thumbnail image: C-SPAN