Silvio Berlusconi's vast but worthless art collection burdens his heirs

Billionaire Italian sex pest and sometime Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi left an "art" collection to his inheritors, but it turns out to be all but worthless, much of it trash bought from late night telesales shows. The collection of 25,000 paintings is claimed to be worth about £17.4m, centered on "six or seven" items of artistic value which include works by Titian and Rembrandt. As a small fraction of his £5bn estate, it is reportly a "headache" to his heirs.

The 25,000 paintings are largely croste, poor quality works of little to no value. The billionaire's purchases are held in a 3,200sqm warehouse close to his mansion near Milan. They include paintings of Madonnas, vivid images of naked women and cityscapes of Paris, Naples and Venice among others, according to La Repubblica. … Woodworms have already destroyed part of the collection. In some cases, the cost of exterminating the pests exceeds the value of the paintings.

Pour one out for the insurance agent who will have to deal with Trump's estate when it too attracts some "woodworms."