Elon Musk offers $1 billion to Wikipedia — if they make one simple change

Elon Musk offered $1 billion dollars to Wikipedia over the weekend "if they change their name to Dickipedia." The struggling X billionaire made the indecent proposal during a Xitter fit over the weekend, upset over the fact that the Wikimedia Foundation asks for donations. Not that Musk has come up with a better way to sustain a company.

"Please add that to the [cow and poop emojis] on my wiki page," he continued. "In the interests of accuracy."

From Yahoo!:

Musk's "offer" stems from an earlier tweet where he criticized the Wikimedia Foundation for wanting so much money. "It certainly isn't needed to operate Wikipedia. You can literally fit a copy of the entire text on your phone!" tweeted Musk. "So, what's the money for? Inquiring minds want to know … "

He didn't have to wait very long for an explanation, courtesy of the app's very own Community Notes citing that the free information organization handles "over 25B page views per month and over 44M page edits a month, requiring substantial operating costs." The notes also provided additional context that the Wikimedia Foundation employs third party financial auditors whose reports are made available to the public.

Musk did add one condition to his offer after Twitter habitué Ed Krassenstein encouraged Wikipemedia to "Do it! You can always change it back after you collect."

"One year minimum. I mean, I'm not a fool lol," Musk responded. No, just a dick. (See exchange below.)