As brands leave Twitter, scammers arrive, posing as the disappearing customer service agents

Dutch flag carrier KLM posts only occasionally on Twitter nowadays, and its pinned post is a warning that it no longer provides customer service there. The result, though, is scammers pretending to be its customer service agents, intercepting anyone seeking help there. As brands veer away from the platform amid ongoing Elon-related problems, the impersonation problem is growing.

Other companies affected by this problem include several foreign banks, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Ryanair,, and

There are several ways to check whether an X account approaching you is reliable, according to RTL's tech editor, Harm Teunis. "First, check whether there is a checkmark next to the account name and what color that checkmark is." Accounts with a blue checkmark used to be verified, but anyone who pays for a subscription now gets a blue checkmark. "Verified accounts have a golden checkmark."