New House Speaker makes bizarre wife joke in acceptance speech

Ultra MAGA Rep. Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House, after GOP lawmakers voted unanimously to give him the role that places him second in line for the presidency. Johnson is a staunch foe of abortion, LGBTQ rights, and democratic elections. He also apparently fancies himself a comedian whose shtick is making demeaning comments about his wife.

"I want to thank my dedicated wife of almost 25 years, Kelly. She's not here, we couldn't get a flight in time. This happened sort of suddenly," Johnson said in his acceptance speech.

"She's spent the last couple of weeks on her knees in prayer to the Lord. And, um, she's a little worn out," Johnson said with a quizzical grin.

One can only imagine what Mrs. Johnson was praying for during those two weeks. Divine intervention to change her husband's views? Or perhaps she was praying for her husband to extend his stay on Capitol Hill indefinitely, leaving her free to enjoy a home environment free of weird and unfunny "jokes" at her expense.