Jewish recipient of $2B Saudi investment has glowing things to say about their treatment of Jews

In these troubled times, Jared Kushner, architect of peace in the Middle East and recipient of two billion dollars in funding from the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia investment fund, has only the nicest things to say about being Jewish in Saudi Arabia.

"Yeah, so it was a very interesting time to be over there, and I've been there many times before," Kushner said following a trip to the kingdom. "One of the ironies is that as an American Jew, you're safer in Saudi Arabia right now than you are on a college campus like Columbia University."

"I spoke at the conference, they allowed me to speak freely, and what I sensed there was that there's obviously a very big disgust at what happened with this tremendous terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas," he added.

Following his time in the Trump administration, The New York Times reported that Kushner's equity firm had received $2 billion from Saudi Arabia.

Crooks and Liars

I wonder how safe it will be in Saudi Arabia for Mr. Kushner when his out-on-bail father-in-law loses his bid for re-election.