Unpopular Lauren Boebert is in Colorado apologizing to voters after Beetlejuice debacle

Holier-than-thou Rep. Lauren Boebert is still facing backlash from her Christian constituents since her humiliating Beetlejuice escapade that got her kicked out of the family-friendly theater. So much so, in fact, that the MAGA lawmaker has run back to Colorado to try to apologize and make amends.

"I owe each and every one of you here a deep, heartfelt apology," she said recently at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Archuleta County.

From AP:

Retreating from the turmoil in Washington, D.C., Rep. Lauren Boebert arrived in bucolic southwest Colorado to turmoil of a different sort — the lingering impact of an embarrassing moment when she was caught on tape vaping and groping with a date during a musical production of "Beetlejuice."

The scandal threw a wrench into an already tough reelection bid. After Boebert won her last race by just 546 votes, she began revamping her campaign strategy. It now includes apologies to voters at campaign events for an episode that has rattled even loyal Republicans.

"Most of us were like 'holy cow,'" said Beverly Cuyler, a long-time Boebert supporter. "And one of the big reasons for that is a gap between how she presented herself as a Christian and what ended up happening." …

She's offered olive branches to local newspapers she once spurned as biased. So-called ballot harvesting, which she's decried as an underhanded Democratic tactic, will be part of her campaign strategy. Her supporters can attend boot camps to become versed in her talking points, which have partly shifted from national priorities to more local matters, a strategy endorsed by the state GOP. …

Still, after her narrow victory last time, Boebert will have to win back some unaffiliated voters and moderate conservatives who defected to Frisch last time.

Meanwhile, her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch, who lost the last election against Boebert by a mere 546 votes, has raised $7.7 million to her $2.4 million. His pitch to voters is an easy one: "Stop the circus."