Watch this terrific compilation of 100 hydraulic press-inspired interpretive dances

A couple of years ago we brought you this cool four-minute video of artist, actor, dancer, and choreographer Smac McCreanor's interpretive dances that were inspired by hydraulic presses crushing things. Well, I'm happy to report that Smac—or "Hydraulic Press Girl"—has continued to create these clever and mesmerizing videos. 

You can see her work on her TikTokFacebook, or YouTube, and I'm including this 15-minute video she posted last year celebrating her 100th press. I love everything about what she's doing—the costumes and her moves perfectly match the items being pressed. I find all of her enactments terrific, but I think my favorite is her "avocado" press. It's pretty amazing!

I learned more about Sarah "Smac" McCreanor on her website:

Smac McCreanor is an Australian artist, actress, dancer, choreographer, content creator and set designer based in Los Angeles. Smac's work is recognizable for her slapstick physicality, off-beat performance art and Aussie charm. In particular she is known for her beloved, oddly-satisfying performance art series "Hydraulic Press Girl" which currently runs at 135 episodes and has accumulated over 1 billion views. In 2022 she was named an inaugural honoree of META's "Creator's of Tomorrow" for Creative Excellence, Adweek's Creative Top 100 and was a featured video artist at TED Talk 22. Smac is excited to have her first major art exhibition debut in the 2023 Triennial Contemporary Art Exhibit with "Hydraulic Press Girl" at the National Gallery of Victoria