Watch a red hot hydraulic press crush a cellphone

The legendary hydraulic press is now heated to a thousand degrees to provide additional crushing pleasure. Here, in an unusually pointed metaphor, a Nokia candybar phone bursts into flame as it is compressed.

What can defeat the hydraulic press? Glass!

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Poop emoji meets hydraulic press

...and the result is oddly satisfying.

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Card deck in hydraulic press explodes in super slow-mo

If you like The Slow Mo Guys and The Hydraulic Press Channel, you might enjoy this mashup of a deck of cards getting smooshed at 28,500 fps and 90,000 pounds of force. Read the rest

Duct tape crushed in hydraulic press

I'm still addicted to the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube (previously, previously), but am careful only to force you to endure the very best crushings. Here, a roll of duct tape. Read the rest