Watch classically-trained musician Flavor Flav playing the piano

We reported yesterday that the Milwaukee Bucks invited Rapper Flavor Flav to sing the national anthem on Sunday at the Bucks versus Atlanta Hawks game. Jack Irvin writing for People reports:

Flav, 64, sported one of his signature oversized clock necklaces for the performance, appearing with a smile on his face before launching into his a cappella take on the national anthem.

He may not have hit every single note, but Flav's version of the Francis Scott Key classic certainly featured a lot of passion and heart. After the gig, he posted to social media to express pride in accomplishing his first-ever national anthem performance.

Reactions on social media were mixed. X/Twitter user SweetCarmel77 said, "All I got to say is Flavor Flav knew all the words & sung with heart!"—which is better than we can say for some other renditions (here's a list of folks who forgot words and otherwise really did a terrible job). 

I listened to the entire song and I have to say, I think Flavor Flav did a great job. He brought his own particularly enthusiastic style, and he nailed the lyrics. I give him a solid 8/10. 

In response to the video making its way around social media, X/Twitter user PURE/RICO posted this video of Flavor Flav playing the piano, with this description:

Fun fact: Flavor Flav was a musical prodigy. As a child he taught himself to play 15 different instruments. Like Mozart, he has the unique talent of hearing a song and replicating it by ear.

Again, Jack Irvin explains:

Viewers who may have been shocked to see Flav step out of the hip-hop space for a second to showcase his singing chops should remember the "Fight the Power" emcee was a classically trained musician before he launched into hip-hop.

He's quite good! Enjoy!