Comedian Charlamagne to Ron DeSantis: "What the f*ck is up with those boots, bro?" (video)

As Ron DeSantis continues to lose stature in his race to nowhere, spending more time denying his high-heel footwear than talking about issues that really matter, Comedy Central's Charlamagne tha God gave the short-tempered Florida man a pep talk.

"What the fuck is up with those boots, bro?" he asked on the Daily Show last night, before leveling with him. "Look, coming at this as a short person, I can't relate to this type of insecurity."

Charlemagne then went on to remind DeSantis that his standing in the world doesn't depend on extreme heel lifts. For example, Napoleon's complex helped him rule an entire continent, while tall Abe got shot in the head. "So you tell me who's more successful, okay?"

After Charlemagne's inspirational tete-a-tete with MAGA's diminished candidate, he then turns to us to share some insight. "At least now I know why DeSantis is in that huge fight with Disney. It's not because of wokeness. It's because you got to be this tall [hand to chin] to ride the Magic Teacups!" (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)