GOP candidate says as cop he thought it was "fun" to "take people to jail" (video)

Danny Diggs, a Republican candidate for Virginia state Senator, thinks he'd make a great leader because he is a former cop — one who didn't enter the police force to "help the community," but rather to "ride fast in cars" and "take people to jail."

"I was 19 year old when I started, and I didn't start it with this altruistic attitude of 'I'm going to get in here and help the community and help people.' Boy, I got in there because it was fun. We got to ride up and down the road fast in cars with, at that time, red lights and sirens. We got to put handcuffs on people and go take people to jail," he reminisced at his retirement speech in January.

"And we did a lot of other things that, uh, they don't do nowadays," he laughed. (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Diggs is challenging incumbent Sen. Monty Mason, a moderate Democrat who, as of June, raised $1.01 million to Diggs' $679,602. Virginia voters will decide tomorrow on whether they want a senator who will work for them or one who is happy to take them for a ride.

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